CMDN (4) Coates Manor Dairy - N GAUGE -

  • $91.00
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This is a laser cut 'craftsman' kit.

It includes laser cut plywood for the main structure, resin tanks, crimped metal for corrugated roofing and various whitemetal detail castings including fencing and gates, cows, churns etc the tractor shown in pictures is not included but is available separately ref E150.

It requires assembly and painting, made easier by tab and slot design of the main structural sections.

Many of the smaller detail pieces of laser cut ply are backed with self adhesive glue making assembly and painting easier.

The instructions include copies of the laser frets identified with part numbers.

It is made to our own specific design and is not a re-boxed 'foreign' design. 

The design of the suggested layout is based upon the Royal Agricultural colleges own dairy farm this gives it a footprint of 240mm x 190mm although it is entirely possible for you to lay the structures out as you wish.