About us

When N scale model railways first became commercially available in the UK the major manufacturers concentrated their efforts on track and rolling stock, leaving modellers who wanted to add a more realistic look to their layout to rely on their own skills in building the items they needed.

Some saw this as an opportunity and a number of small firms grew up (often part time) to meet this demand, including P & D Marsh.

Whitemetal casting offered modellers the ideal means of reproducing three dimensional models in relatively low volumes.

Over the years many of these small businesses have ceased to exist at least in an independent form. Some fell away completely while others were absorbed into competitor ranges and today there are relatively few firms left selling castings.

The current owners acquired the business in the early 1990's and the original Mr and Mrs Marsh have long since ceased to have any involvement.

Over the past twenty years we have added some laser cut structures to our range and supply an ever increasing number of the models in a painted and finished form.