Degree of difficulty

In order to allow customers to have a better understanding of how easy (or difficult) a model is to put together we have graded all our kits.

Next to each kit reference number there is a grade (this is a number from 1 to 5 and is shown in brackets).

The gradings are explained below:


(1) Any kit that comprises one piece castings that require no construction. They will still need painting and fixing to the layout.

Many of the models in this category literally come in one piece.

Others comprise a number of individual pieces that stand alone but are packaged and sold together. For example the packs of figures or street lights.

(2) Kits where two pieces need joining. This may mean adding a base to a post for example.

(3) Kits where several pieces require relatively simple assembly.

(4) Kits comprising a number of parts that require careful assembly Construction may benefit from being undertaken in stages.

(5) Kits comprising a large number of parts that require careful assembly. There may be some shaping of parts to fit. These are not recommended for the complete beginner.