M17 (4) Elevated observation box - N GAUGE -

M17 (4) Elevated observation box - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when complete

Model comes in kit form and requires construction and painting.


Observation-Box’s can be seen at industrial sites particularly where they have large yards with rail tracks sunk in the concrete and where road vehicles are freely able to cross over them. These are normally dedicated buildings to house staff and communication equipment that solely monitor and control traffic rather than materials. The building is normally sited in an area where the total site can be viewed taking into account both moving road and rail traffic and they are often elevated above the flowing traffic and lifting equipment that may exist. In some instances these buildings form part of a larger control network and in others they simply provide control at an access road crossing a single siding track that is not barrier-controlled or where yard security gates are closed across the actual track and regular opening is required. These buildings are normally small, box-like constructions in sheet metal with a steel structure and half glazing offering 360O panoramic vision. They are often seen painted in one colour, either red or blue, however two tone corporate colours do exist as we do not believe any regulations govern these colours.


Our model is loosely based on that at the Port of Tyne coal sidings and is elevated to provide a panoramic sight height of 7.5m (25ft), ideal in a container yard or where elevated conveyor equipment may exist. It is produced as a white-metal kit and includes stair-case, support framework and building. Wire/rod is also included for handrails and a small Electricity Supply Box to position below the structure at ground level all making a neat and interesting structure.