CGSOO (4) Carnabys Garage - OO GAUGE -

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This is a laser cut 'craftsman' kit. . It is made to our own specific design and is not a re-boxed 'foreign' design. 

Carnabys Garage depicts a typical rural scene from the 1950's onwards. In addition to the structure itself the model includes a number of detail castings including petrol pumps, a motorcycle, figures, oil drums, a barrel, boxes, a dustbin and a street lamp. Corrugated roofing material and glazing are included as are a selection of signs etc to detail the finished model.                  


Basic structure has a footprint of 150mm x 120mm. The accessories (pumps etc) will enlarge the space needed if positioned as shown in photos.


Construction is made easy and accurate through the use of tab and slot techniques and etched lines are used to indicate the precise position of layered pieces. Many of the smaller detail pieces have self adhesive glue backing, making painting and sticking easier.


The models are glued together using white pva glue which dries clear and allows parts to be painted before assembly if you so wish.