OO - Sample pack - OO GAUGE -

OO - Sample pack - OO GAUGE -

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This pack is designed as an inexpensive introduction to our range of models for those who haven't used our products before.

Each pack will contain six individual castings picked at random from the list below (and illustrated in the accompanying photo). Each casting is complete and does not require any construction although they will all need painting. If it is only painted and finished models that interest you then we have over 60 to choose from in the handpainted collection accessed through the SHOP NOW link in the header.

Please note if you have a specific requirement then we have over 100 different models available through the SHOP NOW link in the header these packs are randomly selected and we cannot accept specific requests for inclusion.

The sample pack will be sent post free to a UK address. Overseas orders will attract our standard postage rates.

If you choose more than one or buy together with other models our standard postage rates will apply.


The six items in the pack will be chosen from:


Light (may vary from the one shown)

Oil drum

Post box (style may vary from that shown)

Belisha beacon

Figure (may vary from the one shown)

Animal (may vary from the one shown)

Bus stop

Gravestone (may vary from the one shown)


Milk churn




Road cone



Thank you for your interest we look forward to being of service to you soon.