A151 (4) Sentinel steam shunter loco kit - N GAUGE -

A151 (4) Sentinel steam shunter loco kit - N GAUGE -

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Picture contains illustration of model when complete.

Pack contains castings to build one loco body. No chassis is included.

It was originally designed to fit the Graham Farish motor bogie but these are no longer available (unless 2nd hand). Its is possible to use Japanese alternatives and two examples are :

Pro hobby ca-nd-1

Tomytech HM01


Prototype background:

The Sentinel Wagon Works of Shrewsbury made several types of small shunting locomotives. These had small vertical boilers which supplied steam to vertical cylinders with chain drive to the wheels. The locos with their light weight could go anywhere and made economical use of both coal and water. These factors made them popular with all types of users from small industrial concerns to the major railways companies. The LNER, for example, had 55. This is probably the most common design, firts built in 1925 and continued (with only slight external variations) until the mid 1950's.