A211 (5) Class 44/45/46 Peak diesel - N GAUGE -

A211 (5) Class 44/45/46 Peak diesel - N GAUGE -

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Picture shows illustration of model when complete.

Pack includes parts to build one loco body (including a variety of different nose ends). There is no chassis included. It was originally designed to fit on a Graham Farish class 20 chassis which is modified by using bogie side frame extensions (supplied in the kit) which in turn hold coach wheels (not supplied). An alternative is to use a class 25 chassis block and class 40 bogies.


Prototype background:

Class 44 - these 10 locos were the last of the pilot scheme diesels to be ordered and entered service in 1959. At the time they were the heaviest and most powerful diesel on BR. They were named after mountain Peaksin England and Wales. They were used for a short time on Class 1 passenger duties but in 1962/3 with the introduction of the Class 45's they had their steam heating boilers removed and were reallocated to freight duties. Withdrawn between 1976-1980.

Class 45 - a total of 127 were built and during the mid 60'2 25 received names. They saw service throughout the system on both passenger and freight duties.

Class 46 - a total of 56 were built differeing from the earlier locos by utilising alternative electrical equipment. These too were seen throughout the system being withdrawn  between 1977 and 1984.