E36 (1) Austin 7 Van (intro. 1927) - N GAUGE -

E36 (1) Austin 7 Van (intro. 1927) - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when completed

Single piece casting, requires painting.


Herbert Austin founded his company in 1905 and by 1919 he decided to concentrate on mass production along American lines focusing his efforts on one new model the Twenty. Unfortunately the Twenty was too big and expensive for the British market and nearly brought the company down. It was saved by the rapid introduction of two new models the medium sized Twelve and in 1922 by the smaller Seven. This was the first small British car to have a four cylinder engine of 747cc rated at 8bhp and it gave Austin a valuable lead over the competition. It stayed in production, with a great many variants, until 1939 and almost 300,000 were produced in total.


Model is also available painted ref X13.