G40 (1) Austin Mini (intro 1959) - N GAUGE -

G40 (1) Austin Mini (intro 1959) - N GAUGE -

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Alec Issigonis, the designer of the Morris Minor, was tempted back to BMC where he was asked to design a 'proper' small car. He believed in front wheel drive and to get an existing engine into the smallest possible four seater he took the unusual step of turning it sideways. There were originally Austin and Morris versions (the Austin se7en and the Morris Mini Minor) but by 1962 the Austin version had become the mini and by 1969 the dual badging was dropped. It took some time for the design to catch on and the greatest annual production was not seen until more than ten years after its launch. But by 1965 more than 1 million had been produced and that figure ended up well over 5 million.


Single piece casting - requires painting.


Model is also available painted ref X10