GCMN (4) Grover croft mine - N GAUGE -

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This is a laser cut 'craftsman' kit.

It includes laser cut plywood for the main structures, crimped metal for corrugated roofing and various whitemetal detail castings including a horse, mine cars, figures, sacks and simulated narrow track for the mine cars to run on.

It requires assembly and painting, made easier by tab and slot design of the main structural sections.

Many of the smaller detail pieces of laser cut ply are backed with self adhesive glue making assembly and painting easier.

The instructions include copies of the laser frets identified with part numbers.

It is made to our own specific design and is not a re-boxed 'foreign' design. 

The kit represents a composite of several mining operations located in United Kingdom.  These mines varied in minerals that they produced ranging from coal to fireclay, lead, fluorspar and barites.  The structures modeled in this kit were inspired by those located at the Bullhouse, Groverake, Hope Level and Osmond Croft mines in Northern England.  The Head Gear of the kit simulates rock being pulled up from the Mine Shaft using the Winding-Engine.  The valuable ore is then pushed by men or pulled by horses through the Tippler House and then pulled up the Gantry by the Haulage-Engine and dumped into a waiting 5-Plank Wagon.  The waste rock is routed over the 2-Foot Gauge Mine Track and then dumped into the Spoil Tip.  Note that there are two different configurations for installing these structures on your layout.  Both configurations are included in the instructions. The one shown in the pictures has a footprint of 160mm x 190mm (the alternate design is 45mm x 225mm)