M11S (3) Gantry crane Track starter pack - N GAUGE -

M11S (3) Gantry crane Track starter pack - N GAUGE -

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Picture contains illustration of model when complete.


Model comes in kit form and requires construction and painting. For use with our Rail Mounted Gantry Crane (ref M10) which is available separately. 



This Track kit has been designed offering the modeller flexibility as to how long the track needs to be. Whilst it has been specifically designed to supplement the P&D Marsh RMG Container Crane, there is no reason why it cannot be used with other manufacturers products or scratch-built cranes.


Our track is a simulation of a rail set in a recess of pre-cast concrete with the cleats holding the rail being included in the casting along with a tag one end and a recess the other to keep track joints aligned. There are six sections of track to provide a run of three per side totaling a 255mm run approx. Extra track packs (track expansion pack ref M11e) are available and includes additional crash-barrier rails


Buffers for each end are included this again representing a concrete construction with a steel channel set upright at the front with a section of wooden sleeper fixed to the front.


A crash-barrier rail of equal length to the rail is included this being necessary to protect the runway area where projection from the gantry run.


A small electricity control building to construct is also included, these cranes being powered by electricity


There is also an instruction sign telling truck drivers to release twist-locks and keep clear of the track this being placed at the start of the service road along the side of the railway track over which the Gantry Crane runs.