M21 (4) Telescopic fork lift (with alternate shovel attachment) - N GAUGE -

M21 (4) Telescopic fork lift (with alternate shovel attachment) - N GAUGE -

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Picture contains illustration of model when complete 


Contains parts to build one telescopic fork lift. Requires assembly and painting.

Boom can be raised, lowered and extended into a variety of positions.

Pack also contains a shovel attachment (as shown in photo) which is easily substituted for the forks if you prefer.


Prototype background:

The Telescopic Boom Forklift was put onto the market at the beginning of 1976 as a purpose made forklift truck for the construction industry. It was called the “Giraffe” and being so successful it led to the industry expansion developing into some 15 or more manufacturers. They all produce various models with varying lift heights and capacities having become a very popular choice for agricultural and industrial purposes. In these industries they are commonly known as Telescopic Handlers or Telehandlers. They are similar in appearance and function to a conventional forklift but are more a crane than a forklift, with the increased versatility of a single telescopic boom that can extend forwards and upwards from the truck. On the end of the boom the operator can fit one of several attachments, such as a bucket, pallet carriage & forks, muck grab, sweeper, work platform etc. 


They are either two or four wheel drive with two or 4 wheel steer options, the latter allowing a crab-like movement. Operation is hydraulics, powered by petrol, LPG or diesel engine units matched to the various sizes of lift and reach capacity offered. Four large wheels & tyres are fitted especially for rough terrain building sites and agricultural work. Additional stabilisers are sometimes added to level truck and improve stability at high lifts and on rough ground. They are also useful for unloading trailers and railway wagons being able to reach across the decks from one side or end and quickly lift and move goods into a warehouse and place in a rack at high level. The bucket loading version is also ideal for quickly lifting gravel, coal and such into high sided railway wagons, where otherwise large expensive articulating loaders are required. All Telehandlers look very similar and were originally painted yellow. Manufacturers now however, paint them differently using their corporate colour, generally a single colour with a black or white cab.