M22 (4) Stair type access tower (height 72mm) - N GAUGE -

M22 (4) Stair type access tower (height 72mm) - N GAUGE -

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Picture contains illustration of model when complete

Model contains parts to build one tower, it requires assembly and painting.

Height can be adjusted to suit location up to 72mm (although two or more kits can be used together to make taller structures).



Prototype background:

Scaffold type access frames have existed since the 19th Century with ladder type structures made of wood and steel providing high level access especially for construction. During the industrial revolution manufacturing methods improved in leaps and bounds with lightweight aluminium also being introduced. Due to the large number of accidents many involving deaths of workers the importance of health and safety was constantly being stressed and from the late 1950’s/ early 1960's the development of light weight easy to handle self-supporting modular structures were taking place, which today are now common place. These light weight tubular structures make it possible to produce access towers of heights up to 40m with structure anchored to the high buildings and tank-towers they serve. They also offer multi-access points at differing height levels providing maximum flexibility which can be sited either temporary or permanently dependent on needs. These constructions use standard Layer components with stairs angled at around 45o +- 3o this being approximate and not given as actual design and build advice. The platform deck-sides and the corresponding stair-ladder sections (top & bottom) are often painted warning green or red and sometimes the whole staircase is painted in these colours, while vertical tubes are silver.