M23 (3) Silo air-drying plant - N GAUGE -

M23 (3) Silo air-drying plant - N GAUGE -

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Picture contains illustration of model when complete

Pack contains parts to build one model as shown. It requires assembly and painting.


Silo Air Drying Plant is not uncommon particularly where needed to dry high moisture content grain, bio-fuel and other such products. The equipment size is based on the amount of air needed for drying process with large tubular ducting and pipework providing the warm air where it is needed, including entry and discharge point and heat recovery and water recovery recycling processes.  


Our model simulates a large tower unit powered by electricity that could be used to serve a large mass-loader silo or a small group of two or more silos. The concept was to provide additional plant in order that larger tubular ducts and pipework could be added for additional interest, suitable for N-Gauge 1:148 to 1:160 scale size modelling. If required additional pipework and fittings can be introduced to further interlink with other processing plant using our Industrial Pipework & Fittings kits, available separately. The main tower can be painted off-white, or the same colour as the silos it serves, with the air collection/filtration area silver, pumps and motor blue and pipework silver, electrical cabinet grey, however all colours given are not exact being a matter of choice. We suggest the base be painted a hint of green-beige to represent the concrete hard-standing.