M37 (3) Well, weir and lift pumps - N GAUGE -

M37 (3) Well, weir and lift pumps - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when completed, requires assembly and painting.

Model can easily be used on its own in a variety of modelling scenarios to add visual interest.




Industrial water treatment facilities cover a multitude of activities as part of the purification process before water can be returned to rivers and municipal drainage systems after use in manufacturing processes. Sometimes used water is recycled for local reuse but further processes must take place to eliminate possible health risks. One important part of the process is the collection and holding of waste-water in underground wells and removal of waste material that could clog the system, the water running through a weir process to capture objects before the large lift-pumps push water on through the processing plant. These lift-pumps are often seen in two’s, three’s, even more as back-up’s, necessary in case of blockage and breakdown. The large interconnecting pipework often appears to run out of the ground from tanks below through the pumps and then down again into trenches below ground level.

We have included a concrete plinth with a side-walk, a large double access cover to the well, an open grill covering a stretch of weir and two large pumps, one being a back-up, with pipework from these running into one before turning back down underground, suitable for N-Gauge 1:148 to 1:160 scale size modelling. If required, in addition to the pipework and fittings included further interlinking pipework can be achieved using our industrial Pipework & Fittings kits available separately. The pumps with electric motors are often coloured blue. Connecting pipework can be brown or red-oxide. The access cover and grill can be grey or black. The valve hand-wheels often match pump colours, but yellow, black and red are also used, however all colours given are not exact being a matter of choice.