M45 (3) Recovered chemical and oil storage tanks - N GAUGE -

M45 (3) Recovered chemical and oil storage tanks - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when completed

Parts to build the three tanks shown, all require assembly and  painting. Although designed as part of the water purification plant this model can easily be used in a stand alone basis as part of any industrial scene for added visual interest.


Industrial water treatment facilities cover a multitude of activities as part of the purification process before water can be returned to rivers and municipal drainage systems after use in manufacturing processes. Sometimes used water is recycled for local re-use but further processes must take place to eliminate possible health risks. Recovery of precious metals, chemicals and oil is also important being expensive to replace and these are extracted and retained in slurry forms for returning to specialists for further refining treatment. Depending on volumes needed the slurries can be stored in large vertical tanks, smaller horizontal tanks or even smaller oil-type drums and containers depending on methods of transportation to end refining specialist. Tank-containers are also sometimes used as temporary storage tanks and these would sit on a permanent frame containing the transfer pipework, pumps and electric control gear. The relating interconnected pipework and valve equipment is also very complex covering both tank filling and variable discharge rates. Ladders usually run up the sides providing top access for regular maintenance and cleaning.

 We have selected 3 large vertical tanks with that for oil being larger than the other two. Pipework runs up the side from ground level, but the pumping and discharge outlets have not been included being available as a separate kit. Ladders have been included for fixing to the tanks as required. These are suitable for N-Gauge 1:148 to 1:160 scale size modelling and can be used in multiples if more storage is to be portrayed. Additional pipework and fittings can also be introduced using our industrial pipework & fittings kit and pump selection, available separately