M46 (3) Stone separator & conveyor - N GAUGE -

M46 (3) Stone separator & conveyor - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when completed

Parts to make one structure as shown, requires assembly and painting. Although designed as part of our water purification plant this model can easily be used in a stand alone basis as part of any industrial scene to provide added visual interest.


Industrial water treatment facilities cover a multitude of activities as part of the purification process before water can be returned to rivers and municipal drainage systems after use in manufacturing processes. Sometimes used water is recycled for local re-use but further processes must take place to eliminate possible health risks. One important activity is the removal of sand and stones that could cause damage to processing equipment. One such method is the rotational vortex separation where water is pumped through with the hard objects falling to the bottom where screw-type conveyors transfer them to disposal skips or open top containers and ultimately transferred to a recycling plant or land-fill.

 We have selected an external type Vortex-separator that incorporates a conveyor to portray the object being transferred to waste-bin containers making an interesting visual activity and giving cause for train or lorry transportation. Limited pipework has been incorporated to make up the waste water supply rising up out the ground and turning into the unit. It is assumed the discharged water runs back underground from the large pump to the side. The small screw-type conveyor incorporates a discharge spray type flap for even loading. It is suitable for N-Gauge 1:148 to 1:160 scale size modelling. If required additional interlinking pipework can be added using the industrial pipework & fittings kit available separately.