M47 (4) Elevated sludge drying plant - N GAUGE -

M47 (4) Elevated sludge drying plant - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when completed

Parts to make one structure as shown, requires assembly and painting. Although designed as part of our water purification plant this model can easily be used in a standalone basis in any industrial scene to provide added visual interest.


Industrial water treatment facilities cover a multitude of activities as part of the purification process before water can be returned to rivers and municipal drainage systems after use in manufacturing processes. Sometimes used water is recycled for local reuse but further processes must take place to eliminate possible health risks. Sludge created from the water recovery process is often dried on site, discharged into dumpers and transported away for landfill. Screw conveyors are used to transfer the sludge to the dryers and storage silos. Where space is a premium containerised forced drying and compacting plant is introduced and placed on structures which automaticaly discharge into open top container bins placed below, these being removed when full and stacked locally awaiting collection by road or rail.

 We have selected the Containerised Sludge Dewatering-Drying Plant where the container also incorporates the main water treatment plant Control Office.  This is on a matching raised platform to that of our pre-treatment Tanks and allows for open top 20ft. containers to be placed under the hopper. We have incorporated the discharge hopper and a container locating frame to place immediately below it, however the open top container is not included in the kit.