M60 (3) Steel side skirt canopy building - single bay - N GAUGE -

M60 (3) Steel side skirt canopy building - single bay - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when completed

Parts to build one single bay canopy, requires assembly and painting 


Structural steel type canopy buildings have become commonplace due to manufacturing and assembly simplification and associated lower production costs, but in truth they have existed since the introduction of the sheet metal industry back in the late 19th century. These canopy shelters are open sided allowing total access,  the most common being those highly visible structures used at fuel filling stations at local retail parks etc. Industrial uses are to provide protection of expensive equipment located outside from extreme climate conditions of heat, rain and snow, where enclosure would be impractical. Their appearance is less critical and are often unnoticed. They also provide covered work areas where all round access is necessary such as railway wagon and road vehicle loading or cleaning bays. Agricultural uses are for the protection of large farm machinery, harvest crops and fertiliser stocks, sometimes even livestock. They are generally of steel construction clad with pre-coloured press-formed sheeting and in a modular form making the size of construction less of an issue. Depending on the degree of protection required these canopies may include side skirts or panels to enclose one or two sides.   

 Our design criteria was to provide a choice of two sizes of skirted canopies with square tube-like supporting legs set in concrete blocks offering an overall height of 55mm (circa 27ft scale size) which can be cut-down if a lower height is required it being suitable for N-Gauge 1:148 to 1:160 scale size modelling. The smaller of the two makes up to a single bay approximately 45mm wide x 100mm long, and the larger is basically two bays totalling 90mm wide x 100mm. Using additional kits it would be possible to make the canopy cover a larger area.