M64 (3) Coveyor directional change transfer unit - N GAUGE -

M64 (3) Coveyor directional change transfer unit - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when complete.

Pack contains parts to make one unit, requires assembly and painting.

For use when you need conveyors to change direction through 90 degrees.

This model represents a Directional-change Transfer Unit as a simple steel housing with conveyor entry and exit points and with personnel access without attempting to create the complicated inside workings. The unit may be used at ground level where a underground conveyor runs up to the surface and then up to a 2nd transfer unit or another elevated sorting process. A separate Elevated Platform Product Code M63 and Open Staircase Product Code: M30 are available separately. It is also possible to integrate conveyor system with our Elevated Observation Box, product code: M17, it becoming the main discharge control room where rail wagon load distribution is important.