M69 (3) Power generator unit - N GAUGE -

M69 (3) Power generator unit - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when complete.

Pack contains parts to super detail a 20ft or 40 ft container to simulate a power generator unit. Containers are not included.


Although originally designed to complement our conveyor system it can easily be used as a standalone item, as a semi-trailer load or in a factory yard, goods yard, container terminal etc. as a back-up power source



There are many forms and sizes of conveyor with our initial study concentrating on large external Belt Conveyors. These are powered by either hydraulic or electric motors. Where electricity supply is non-existent to power these motors, it must be generated on site and to provide maximum flexibility of location generators are often containerised for ease of movement to desired location either at ground level or elevated with stairway access.  

Our design criteria was to produce in kit form a modular group of items that once assembled would visually represent a large or small size static (non-moving) v-belt conveyor system that could be adapted by modellers for use in a quarry, rail head loading facility, recycling yard processes, cement works, coal mine and dockyard activities etc. As part of the range we have produced a kit of bits that can be attached to proprietary 20ft or 40ft ISO container to simulate these containerised generator units.