M80 (3) Electro magnetic separator /conveyor - N GAUGE -

M80 (3) Electro magnetic separator /conveyor - N GAUGE -

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Picture icludes illustration of model when complete.

Pack contains parts to make one unit, requires assembly and construction.

Separation of various materials is part of the screening and grading process and electro-magnet conveyor units are used to separate metals. These would straddle a discharge conveyor lifting and running off metal objects to a side pile. They are also used over main conveyor belts, hung from a steel structure feeding another dedicated conveyor with the removed metal content. 

Our kit is designed as a well-engineered generic simulation to complement the conveyor range providing the modeller with this metal separation-process. It can either be used on the industrial Shredding/Crushing Plant with discharge conveyor staged as in-use or for individual use straddling a main conveyor to represent further processes as part of maybe scrapped reinforced-concrete crushing, car shredding, road tyre rubber recycling being just a few examples. 

Piles of typical scrap/waste materials are available sparately M54-M56