M9 (4) Bulk container tipping frame - N GAUGE -

M9 (4) Bulk container tipping frame - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when complete. 


 Model comes in kit form and requires construction and painting.


From the mid 1960’s Industry has been constantly striving to make transportation of bulk goods more cost effective, particularly where goods are being moved from silo to silo. There are three specific areas, Chemicals, Industrial, Foods, all dependent on transportation world-wide. From these developments Dry Bulk Containerisation was introduced along with the bag-in-a-box process, using Containers lined with virgin food grade polythene liners, where risks of cross contamination could be eliminated.


The 30-foot Intermodal container offered optimum weight-for-space at low costs. It had special top and end access and specialized filling and discharge systems. However there are times when it is necessary to transfer bulk-container contents into conventional tankers and special tipping frames have been produced to enable this process to be carried out efficiently and cost effectively.


Anyone modelling container yards and industrial scenes has an excellent choice of what can be portrayed and a dedicated section for 30ft bulk-containers stacked within the yard being just one. This bulk-container decanting frame, tipping and loading a tanker would certainly add a further interesting life-like scene.


Model can be posed in either the up or down position and changed between the two. There is cat ladder access for the personel on one side and a standard staircase on the other.