MV220 (3) 20ft skeletal trailer - single - N GAUGE -

MV220 (3) 20ft skeletal trailer - single - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when complete

Model comes in kit form and requires construction and painting.

Contains parts to make one 20ft trailer.



From the late 1960’s purpose built semi-trailers for hauling ISO Intermodal Containers have existed. These trailers are based on flatbeds but stripped to the bare bones to keep axle-weights to the absolute minimum and cleverly utilising the container construction to carry the laden weight. They are nick-named Skeletal Trailers and in the UK they do not exceed the maximum length of 45ft.


There have been many different designs, including fixed lengths and telescopic, and various deck heights some also being adjustable. All have the same standard features - a fifth-wheel hitch king-pin underneath the front of the trailer and ‘landing gear’ which is used to adjust trailer height when connecting to a tractor unit (articulated truck) and which stabilises the trailer when free standing. They also have air-brakes & electric lighting services powered by the tractor unit via quick-detachable coiled ‘Suzie’ service lines.  The number of axles is dependant on laden weight. In the UK, to carry the maximum permitted gross weight of 44,000 kg (97,000 lb), both tractor and semi-trailer must have 3 or more axles each. Some trailers and tractor units are fitted with TAG axles where its tyres only touch the ground when fully laden. All have a rear under-ride guard and from the mid 1980’s all had side under-rider guards. These Skeletal Trailers also have twist-lock location pins used to lock the four container corners on to the trailer. The longer skeletal trailers cater for carrying 20-foot containers having extra twist-lock pins that can be raised and locked into position when needed. - Note for information that on telescopic (adjustable length) trailers, side under-rider guards are not mandatory.



The models :

Our models offer visual flexibility being available in 4 fixed lengths with a load deck height of 1.5m approx. suiting either a 20ft, 30ft, 40ft or 45ft container length (1:148 scale) with each of the longer lengths having the twist-lock pin supports for 20ft containers, this enabling correct container positioning. A 40ft container can also be placed on the 45ft skeletal. The 20ft skeletal has twin axles where the others have three. Side under-rider guards are included but can be left off without affecting the build if required. The 30ft skeletal includes a small built-in deck allowing personnel safe access into a 20ft container when fitted. (Note actual containers are not included in the kits)