MV311 (3) Coil-well semi trailer - N GAUGE -

MV311 (3) Coil-well semi trailer - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when complete.

Pack contains parts to build one vehicle, requires assembly and packing. Can be modelled 'open' or 'closed' and with well covers open or covered.

Tractor units available separately ref MV110-MV141

Steel coils available separately ref M57-M59



The Coil carrying flatbed semi-trailers exist in most transport fleets, with its specific design developed in the 1970’s purposefully for the safe transport of heavy steel coils as well as other coil like material loads.  The wells are available in various sectional lengths allowing coils to be positioned according to size and weight with trailer structure remaining stable and rigid.  The well itself can also be covered to make a conventional flatbed trailer for other long load lengths or smaller coils where they can be placed on their side with eye to sky. Stanchion would be fitted along the well sides with a further seven or more pairs positioned on the outer frame. There are options available and one has a sliding arrangement and also carries a one piece tarpaulin top cover and side curtains, these being slid to one end allowing full access for trailer loading from the top or sides without restrictions from trailer framework.  Conventional rear access doors are also available as an option.