MV312 (3) Dumper Bin tipping semi-trailer - N GAUGE -

MV312 (3) Dumper Bin tipping semi-trailer - N GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when complete. 

Pack contains parts to make one vehicle, requires assembly and painting. Can be posed flat (as it would be when in motion) or tipped (as in picture). Includes rear door which can be hinged open.

Tractor units available separately ref MV110 - MV141 



Large dumper bin tipping semi-trailers are mainly used to carry scrap/waste material but also used for aggregates such as road stone, crushed concrete and landfill matter. More recently biofuels are also being transported in these large bins. The main intention was to produce a large tall bin for carrying large volumes of less dense waste material, initially developed in the 1970’s but grown in popularity over the years with the need to move recycled waste matter. Tarpaulin covers to retain loads have been incorporated in more recent years. There are various options seen many with double doors to the rear and others with a top hung tipping flap arrangement