PW41 (4) GPO Engineers Morris Z van (Intro 1940) - OO GAUGE -

PW41 (4) GPO Engineers Morris Z van (Intro 1940) - OO GAUGE -

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Picture includes illustration of model when completed

The 5cwt derivative of the series E Eight (the Series Z van) first appeared in 1940 but because of the war few reached the civilian market. After the war it was made in large numbers up until 1953 when it was eventually replaced by the Issigonis designed Morris Minor Van.

The GPO had been enthusiastic users of Morris vans for some years and used the Z from its inception. Apart from the very first deliveries which married the Z chassis to a coach built body they used the standard production model but with their own specification. The most notable external differences being separate side lights, an extra spot light on the nearside wing, a fire extinguisher carried on the nearside wing and railway carriage type handles on the doors. They also had a ladder mounted on the roof.

Pack contains parts to build one van (but not the transfers shown). It requires assembly and painting. Glazing is not included.